The Search For The Sacred Stone

Set on Tracks Part 2

Nobundo examined the surroundings, he didn’t see nothing wrong so he bravely tried to jump the pit inside the room. He ran towards the edge of the cliff and jumped with amazing force but didn’t quite make it to the other side of the cliff. As he was in the air a spiked ball chained to the ceiling crashed into him trowing him out of balance. He managed to get ahold of the chain and swung safely to the other side.The others followed swiftly, except Kostel that almost fell into the pit, because of his heavy armor.

Once they reached the other side, the dwarven stone figure from the wall springed to life.

Greetings ! Haven’t seen your kind in a long, long time. I’m VaelNus one of the architects of this place.

The adventurers notice that in the tung of the statue lied a big blue gem. (The dwarf figure notices that the adventurers eyes were sparkling)

Oh, so you’ve seen my gem ? I’ll gladly give it to you if you answer me 3 questions. OK. The first Question : If in isoscelus triangle has a side of 14000 cm and another side of 16000, what is the third side ?

Kostel answered correctly.

The second question : What day is today ? Really,that long has passed since i died ? The third question : Who was the leader of The Dark Army in The Great War ? WoW you answered correctly, Nobundo, your knowledge is amazing. I will give you my gem and i will tell you how to weighten your purse even more.(he gives de gem to the adventurers and the continues) When i died, i have had just received my payment: 250 gp. My body must be somewhere in this mine.

A 'little' favor

Our adventurers reach Erondir, and though saddened, they part ways with Kael’Thas. They go to the Ivory Tower,the home of The Great Witch. There, the Great Witch, told them she could find the Stone, but that she required more free time…she had an obligation. Our adventurers volunteered to take care of that obligation in her place.

Someone will await you in the forest of WarrenBarch, i trust that person completely…now you must go, i will find the stone, return to me once the task is complete.

That someone turned out to be a shaman named Nobundo, their task was to get rid of a spirit that haunted a nearby village…that spirit will turn out to be the least of their problems…

The Search Begins

The crowd gathered round our adventurers, cheers and applauds were heard throughout Engelar. From the crowd a man approached the party. He wore a black cape and didn’t show his face.

I have heard of your act of bravery, aparently so does,her majesty, the queen. She wishes to reward you. Please follow me !

The party didn’t see any reasons not to trust the mysterious man, so they let him guide them to the Palace. The palace was incredible…they followed a set of marble stairs to a huge wooden door.

Open !

whispered their guide, while gently touching the door. The huge door opened suddenly revealing a huge chamber with a single piece of furniture in it : A throne.

On the throne sat a beautifull queen. As she saw the adventurers getting near she got up and greeted them.

Greetings Heroes ! Please there’s no need to bow and no need to thank me. I should be thanking you…that’s the reason your here, right ? said the queen delicately while aproaching the newly proven heroes.

She rewarded each and everyone of them with a single piece of magic equipment, then she turned to the servants and asked to be let alone. She turned back to our adventurers:

It’s not the only reason i called you here… Something big has awoken, we need heroes. Pure hearted,well intentioned and strong heroes…and i think they stand right in front of me. To stop the evil that is shadowing Eteria you must find the Sacred Stone, an ancient artifact of great power. It will not be an easy job. I can’t guarantee your life if you go on this journey,but i can’t neither if you choose to stay…The fate of Eteria lies in your hands!

The heroes noded and in one single voice they said: “We’ll do it !”. And so the search begun.

You must find The Great Witch in Erondir, the great human citadel. You must prepare for your journey now, your boat to the continent leaves a week from now. Good luck ! May Enwa watch over you !

Proving Grounds Part 3

The Kobolds were distracted while fighting for the food with the 2 rats, the adventurers decided to catch them offguard so they springed a surprise attack! Kostel killed off one of the rats,while Chiko attacked one of the Kobolds. Faral cast ThunderWave trowing all of the enemies into the fire and smashing them violently in the wall. The battle continued untill only one of the Kobolds remained, Faral gave Chiko the rope. Chiko tied the Kobold up, letting Kostel to fasten up the knots.

“Me not tell you nothing !” muttered the Kobold in common but quickly changed his decision when he felt Kostels fist gripping tightly on his neck.

“Master wants, master gets swords!” said the kobold.

“Where is your master ?!” yelled Kostel violently.

“There,there…”muttered the kobold pointing to a little creak,on the opposite wall of the room, where two stalactites and stalagmites met, barely enough for a kobold to go through.”

“What do we do now ?” asked Kostel looking at the crack.”We can’t fit through there.”

“We’ll just have to make the creak larger..”said Faral and then whispered some incantations for the ThnderWave spell. The Stalagmites and Stalagtites blew wide open for our heroes revealing a tunnel wide only for a person to go through at a time.

They followed the tunnel and soon ended in a dim lighted room with 5 cages in it. Inside 4 cages were some of the missing dwarves.The heroes released the dwarves and pointed to the way out.

“Please save our chief!”said one of the dwarfs.”He is being forced to make weapons for that crazy Kobold, I think he is planing to attack Engelar !”

“Of course we will…”said Chiko.”It’s our duty!”.

The heroes found a set of marks on the floor leading away from one of the cages, they followed it only to get attacked by a kobold, the kobold fought desperateley, but he couldn’t win…The marks stopped suddenly in front of a wooden door with a small visor. Chiko watched through the visor and saw a large Kobold sharpening his weapon in front of a large Furnal and another one standing not to far from the larger one.

“The large Kobold is not looking and is distracted, let me try to open the door silently so i can sneak behind him” whispered Chiko to Kostel.

As Chiko opened the door a screeching sound came from the old doors hinges and the two kobolds saw the intruders.Just when the heroes think they had the Boss cornered, the Boss,the large kobold, leaped from one Anvil to another with amazing agility and threatened to kill the prisoner in a sputted common.

Faral put the Boss to sleep, an while he was asleep the other heroes picked him up and trew him into the Furnal. They released the dwarf prisoner, receiving tremendous gratitude, and carried the little remaining materials back to Engelar.

The Heroes were greeted properly: with cheers and applauds from all Engelar,the crowd of people gathered round to see the new proven heroes !


-You think their up to the task ?

-Of course … they are pure hearted,strong will to fight and most of all they have courage, i think they will do just fine.

-Hope your right … they are our only hope.Start the preparations i want them to start next week !

Proving Grounds Part 2
Fight or Flight ?

Our Heroes arrive at the place of the misshap: a sandy arrea inside the forest. The caravan got stuck in that sandy arrea, thus becoming a sitting duck; Whatever the caravan was transporting, it’s now gone, as for the other dwarfs they are nowhere in sight. Kostel searched for footprints, and found them : little paws, some of them going deeply into the sand. “Kobolds!” said Chiko recognising the footprints…

Kostel followed the footprints untill he reached the forrest, from there on Chiko continued so they won’t get lost in the process. The Adventurers walked deep into the forrest headed for whatever lies at the end of the tracks. The tracks lead them to a strange totem made off small animal skulls and a small wooden board with strange symbols.

“It means: Stay Out, it must be the work of the Kobolds.” said Faral calmly.”We should carry on !” added the wizard with a grin. The tracks leaded them out of the forrest and at the foot of the Murdrin,a mountain located north of Engelar.In front of them laid a road leading up to in the mountain.

Kostel felt the stench of the kobolds, so the party decided not to walk on the road,but walk next to the road, to avoid beeing spoted. The advenurers followed the road. It lead them to the entrance of a cave, the entrance was flanked by 2 totems,simmilar to the one in the forrest.

They entered the cave…the smell was disgusting,and the only light came from a fire. Sitting in front of the fire, two ugly kobolds fought for their lunch against two rats… The story continues in part 3….

Proving Grounds Part 1

The Great Five got together in a war council…100 years have passed since the last one, and this one seems to be of great importance. The great Five have either relatives,bodyguards or just travelling companions and while the Five discuss the fate of Eteria in the Great War Room of the elven citadel Engelar, their companions are left in a small chamber.

A desperate looking Dwarf runs into the chamber and heads towards the War Room, but by hearing the shouting inside he loses his courage, and starts crying. Chiko,the Half-Elf prince,observes that the dwarf looks strained,has bite marks on his neck and blood on his white shirt.

Kostel,a brave Dwarf, asks the crying dwarf: “Whats wrong?Why are you crying ?” He finds out that the dwarf was a miner who came to Engelar to deliver equipment and ore for the elven soldiers. On the road something terrible happened … the caravan was attacked by strange creatures and the other dwarves taken away, he was the only one to escape …

“Can you help me ?” he asked. “Of course we will!”said Kostel, also looking at the other brave aventurers he met previously in the chamber: Faral,the Elf Mage, and Chiko,the Half-Elf Ranger; And so they headed to the place of misshap…. to be continued.

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