The Search For The Sacred Stone

Set on Tracks Part 2

Nobundo examined the surroundings, he didn’t see nothing wrong so he bravely tried to jump the pit inside the room. He ran towards the edge of the cliff and jumped with amazing force but didn’t quite make it to the other side of the cliff. As he was in the air a spiked ball chained to the ceiling crashed into him trowing him out of balance. He managed to get ahold of the chain and swung safely to the other side.The others followed swiftly, except Kostel that almost fell into the pit, because of his heavy armor.

Once they reached the other side, the dwarven stone figure from the wall springed to life.

Greetings ! Haven’t seen your kind in a long, long time. I’m VaelNus one of the architects of this place.

The adventurers notice that in the tung of the statue lied a big blue gem. (The dwarf figure notices that the adventurers eyes were sparkling)

Oh, so you’ve seen my gem ? I’ll gladly give it to you if you answer me 3 questions. OK. The first Question : If in isoscelus triangle has a side of 14000 cm and another side of 16000, what is the third side ?

Kostel answered correctly.

The second question : What day is today ? Really,that long has passed since i died ? The third question : Who was the leader of The Dark Army in The Great War ? WoW you answered correctly, Nobundo, your knowledge is amazing. I will give you my gem and i will tell you how to weighten your purse even more.(he gives de gem to the adventurers and the continues) When i died, i have had just received my payment: 250 gp. My body must be somewhere in this mine.



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