The Search For The Sacred Stone

The Search Begins

The crowd gathered round our adventurers, cheers and applauds were heard throughout Engelar. From the crowd a man approached the party. He wore a black cape and didn’t show his face.

I have heard of your act of bravery, aparently so does,her majesty, the queen. She wishes to reward you. Please follow me !

The party didn’t see any reasons not to trust the mysterious man, so they let him guide them to the Palace. The palace was incredible…they followed a set of marble stairs to a huge wooden door.

Open !

whispered their guide, while gently touching the door. The huge door opened suddenly revealing a huge chamber with a single piece of furniture in it : A throne.

On the throne sat a beautifull queen. As she saw the adventurers getting near she got up and greeted them.

Greetings Heroes ! Please there’s no need to bow and no need to thank me. I should be thanking you…that’s the reason your here, right ? said the queen delicately while aproaching the newly proven heroes.

She rewarded each and everyone of them with a single piece of magic equipment, then she turned to the servants and asked to be let alone. She turned back to our adventurers:

It’s not the only reason i called you here… Something big has awoken, we need heroes. Pure hearted,well intentioned and strong heroes…and i think they stand right in front of me. To stop the evil that is shadowing Eteria you must find the Sacred Stone, an ancient artifact of great power. It will not be an easy job. I can’t guarantee your life if you go on this journey,but i can’t neither if you choose to stay…The fate of Eteria lies in your hands!

The heroes noded and in one single voice they said: “We’ll do it !”. And so the search begun.

You must find The Great Witch in Erondir, the great human citadel. You must prepare for your journey now, your boat to the continent leaves a week from now. Good luck ! May Enwa watch over you !



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