The Wise Shaman


His inexpresive face without any fold was not showing any of his feelings, asuming that emotions were part of his soul…..not very probable though.

His eyes give you shivers, and not for the fact that he starres at you, not at all, it is because you cant read any emotions in them.

His wide open eyes were not disclosing whether he was looking at you or if his mind is filled with thoughts…. Or maybe deep in his mind he always is , maybe youre words and gestures represenr just some variables in a complicated problem hidden in his mind.

not a muscle on his face seemed to tighten,no wrinkle appears to form…..

For the majority his mind remains a mystery. Not even the spirits can not fully understand his thoughts.

His shoulders are strong and his arms muscular.That is what his mantle reveal at a first look. His facial contour clearly suggests that he is an elf, despite the fact that his ears are hidden under his hood.

If his inert face does not unmask his ability to control Arcana, then his eyes expose it. Cold as ice, they shine like two stars in the dark vault of the sky,represented by his feelingless face shaded by his mantle. You could think that just by looking in his eyes you will be frozen forever.

Whoever meets him he can see a person standing still, forever concerned abot the things that human mind can not contain and many failed to understand them.Any stranger who sees him will look with fear in his eyes and with a constrained smile on his face,but behind the magical character they threw hatefull glances. But the heroes face does not change in any way , he looks in empty like the passenger was just a variable that should not be taken seriously.

No scars show the wounds he endured, not a fold is bearing witness of what he incurred, not a trace of his raw destiny does not appears on his white face.


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