The noble Half-Elf


Weight : 154 lbs Height: 1,9 meters Hair: white eyes: blue

The Half-Elf Prince, heir to the throne of Myrydria, he is noble hearted and mark my words if he sets his eyes on a target…his arrow is close to follow.He considers the forest his home,it’s inhabitants his allies, and even though his trust is hard to earn, his friendship is invalluable, as he always watches his friends back… Believe it !

His hair is white as the clouds,pure hearted and pure minded he is a hell of an ally


A little story about ChiKo:how a little half-elf becomes prince of the Mytyria, a citadel deep inside the forest of Maso Fel’Os. On the lands of the Green mountains of the Kandora continent there is a little city called Nayrindia. The people are friendly and welcoming.In that village, people are working and trading to earn their living.But these lands are not as safe as they look.

While the people of Nayrindia were living their lives, the DARK forces were assembling.The time of the elfs, half-elfs and the other races were threatened to die,so a war could take place any moment.

It was a terrifying fight,all weapons were used and the blood of the combatants was spilled.Thousands of soldiers lost their lifes,including Chiko’s father.A terrible lost in that Great War,indeed. Chiko’s father the greatest archer that Eteria has ever seen is now lost, but not forgotten…

It is true that ChiKo lost a very important person in his life,but the great and the noble soul of his father has never been forgotten,as it continues to burn inside Chiko’s heart.From the moment of his fathers deathn, Chiko knew what he had to do: he had to protect his brothers: the Half-Elfs, but he realised he could not do that as the Half-Elfs stand divided. He found a purpose: To get together all of The Half-Elfs and protect them with all costs.It may seem juvenile but then he was only a kid back then.

Countless years have passed and Chiko came to age,but he never forgot his purpose.Chiko started to go on a journey to Mytyria. The journey was dangerous, deep forests,high mountains,treacherous valleys,but the nature is part of him so he managed to somehow pull this through . You can say that ChiKo is a part of nature, his perception is amazing.He heard 2 wolfs that were trying to attack.2 arrows was all he needed and… ChiKo managed them with ease.

On the way to the citadel, the princes of the Mytyria, Nyfira, was going to her home.But in her way to citadel, she was ambushed by orcs,and she was took as a prisoner.ChiKo can camuflate very good when he is out in the nature, because the nature is his home.He struck with arrows and knifed through the orcs. The orcs were terrified and quickly ran away.

He saved the princes of Mytyria! When he arrived with the princes, the leader of the citadel,Kufru, thanked ChiKo from the bottom of his heart.Between ChiKo and princes Nyfiria, there was a spark of love.ChiKo got quckly married with her and became a prince.He has a kid and a very beautiful wife.But he sweared on his life to defend half-elfs and elfs with no price,so he appointed that the Forest of Maso Fel’Os is for all half-elves to live in.

ChiKo is now going to Engelar, to the first war council after The Great War, there is no obvious reason for this council, but Chiko is still going as he was invited to that war council by the men that fought with his father side by side…it may even be Destiny.


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